Hi! My name is

Rabiya Mansoor

A comedian.

A screenwriter.

An actor.

A producer.

A playwright.

Learn how to say my name HERE. It's not that hard, I promise.

ربیعہ | Rabiya | Princess / Spring | RUB-ya

منصور | Mansoor | Victorious | mun-SUR

About Me

Hi! I'm a Pakistani-Calgarian comedian, writer, actor, and producer based in Toronto. I love writing comedic stories with heart that centre on diverse and South Asian characters. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta where I studied at the University of Calgary (go Dinos!). During that time, I was obsessed with South Korean boybands, specifically Super Junior, and split my time between my BA in International Relations and BA in East Asian Language Studies (Mandarin Chinese). I was also a sorority president (true story) and ended my undergrad years by doing a stand-up set at the Scholars Academy end-of-year program (it went okay).

I moved to Toronto to study law at the University of Toronto and became very depressed. So, I started taking improv classes and I was hooked. In between improv classes, I worked and volunteered at the student legal clinic, mainly in employment, university affairs, and tenant housing law. From improv, I moved to sketch comedy and writing and now perform with my sketch troupe, the Don Valley Girls, and realized, "wow, law was a mistake." These days, I do a smorgasbord of stuff -- screenwriting, acting, playwriting, producing and am very enthusiastic about proper laptop height for Zoom meetings. My dream of dreams is to be a Mindy Kaling / Michaela Coel / Taika Waititi / Issa Rae type who does it all (is this manifestation? I hope so!).

Some Highlights

  • Get Up, Aisha (web series): with the support of IPF, OntarioCreates & the TELUS Fund

  • Layla is Relevant (1/2 hour series): with the support of the Bell Fund Slate Development Program, and Toronto Arts Council

  • Don Valley Girls (sketch show): with the support of Canada Council for the Arts, Why Not Theatre's RISER Toronto, and Sketch Comedy Project Fund

  • A clown in Ms. Tommer's kindergarten class

Wanna see more? Check out my bio.